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Live NVC Courses: June 2024

With: Miki Kashtan

Video Conference

45 sessions (2 hours per session)

Discover what is yours to do in response to our growing global crises Weave nonviolence more deeply into how you live and lead Receive ongoing support in how to be effective and alive while pursuing your highest goals Increase your capacity to face and mourn current reality as a source of greater choice and energy Be a part of transforming the legacy of scarcity, separation, and powerlessness into a livable future


Enhance your understanding of yourself to work out what really matters to you Express yourself with clarity, using language that fosters mutual respect and understanding Deepen your capacity for empathy and real listening Meet with other Nonviolent Communication enthusiasts weekly to discover the essence of Nonviolent Communication, skill by skill


  Learn the life-changing skill of empathy Increase your capacity to respond to others with compassion Learn how Nonviolent Communication can heal past hurts Practice in a safe, supportive environment


Listen to each other in a safe space for connection, sharing and exploring how we all are doing in this situation Develop capacity to express and hear fears without judging, blame or shame Plant seeds of peace and reconciliation for a world where everyone’s needs are heard and valued Experience how deep listening and heart-to-heart sharing bridge divides