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Begins February 3, 2023

Video Conference

45 sessions (2 hours per session)

  • Discover what is yours to do in response to our global crises
  • Weave nonviolence more deeply into how you live and lead
  • Receive ongoing support in how to be effective and alive while pursuing your highest goals
  • Increase your capacity to face and mourn current reality as a source of greater choice and energy
  • Be a part of transforming the legacy of scarcity, separation, and powerlessness into a livable future
  • Unpack interpersonal, internalized, and institutional racism from the lens of NVC consciousness
  • Hear and share personal stories and the impacts of racism, power, and privilege 
  • Learn how to translate “hard to hear" messages into meaningful conversations 
  • Expand and deepen the conversation of systemic and interpersonal racism
  • Learn concrete tools for engaging with others as you embrace individual and collective liberation
  • Find your own source of choice even in the face of challenges
  • Release the constriction of scarcity
  • Find an empowered option to respond to what is happening in our world
  • Open the door to the possibility of thriving rather than merely surviving

Begins December 13, 2021

Video Conference

4.5 hours (1,5 hour per session)

  • Support family, community, and organizations to realign with life
  • Get the building blocks of integrative decisions that work for all
  • Learn to lean on all available capacities to dance together for liberation
  • Reweave the threads of togetherness into something stronger than individual existence