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NVC Academy

NVC Academy

The NVC Academy was established in 2006 by Mary Mackenzie and Mark Schultz. Our mission is to support mutual caring and respect for all forms of life. We do this by providing a hub and platform for experienced trainers from across the world, who have deep knowledge of various applications of Nonviolent Communication (NVC) that was originally developed by Marshall B. Rosenberg, Ph.D.

Everything we do aims to contribute to a world of interdependence and nonviolence, with genuine care for self and others. We seek to support and empower individuals, families, workplaces, organizations, and the world at large to have more fulfilling lives and relationships and better adapt to our fast changing world.

Our live courses, self-paced courses, downloadable courses, and NVC Library resources are based on Nonviolent Communication and provide practical content that creates greater understanding between people. Additionally, our content is built to increase opportunities for respectful and peaceful disagreement in a way that speaks the cultural language of the communities we serve and considers the needs of all parties.

We value connection, accessibility, inclusion, and sustainability for all. We practice this by focusing on rich collaborations with other organizations, and active outreach to people who seek harmony, healthy relationships, and effective ways of resolving differences.