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Live NVC Courses: Miki Kashtan

Each of us has a range of capacities. Miki Kashtan describes this as a range from "floor to ceiling." Floor capacity is what happens when you hit your limitation, ceiling capacity is when you are closest to functioning in line with your values and vision. This video describes the need to work on both to prevent the gap from expanding.

Listen in as Miki challenges participants to step beyond the comfort or discomfort of their lives, and encourages them to instead take responsibility for their part in sustaining life on this planet, and more.


Want to get rid of old patterns or habits, like procrastination? Arnina suggests: 1) ask two specific questions when you are eager to change a habit; 2) make your brain your ally; and 3) be patient, change takes time.

With: Miki Kashtan


5 minutes

Hear Miki work with a participant looking for environmental sustainability within an existing system. Miki offers guidance around creating bridges for applying NVC principles instead of techniques when engaging with groups or organizations.


What can you do to increase your capacity to trust? How can you channel energy toward togetherness rather than towards mistrusting people? In this video, Miki opens an inquiry about trust in life, trusting the way that life unfolds, trusting that life will take care of itself. Sufficient consistent togetherness is the primary optimal condition needed to transform the groove of mistrust and create a different way of being in life.


So many of us have been taught to solve conflicts by what is “fair.” However, Miki Kashtan states that fairness is a separating concept. In this video, she describes how when we do not have the conditions to care for all needs involved, when we live within separation, fairness is second best.