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World unrest statement

December 2023

The world is grappling with what seems like an ever-growing number of conflicts. And my heart is heavy with despair at the impact this has on the numerous innocent civilians who find themselves caught in the crossfire. I recognize there are layers of unmet needs at the core of these conflicts. And while I stand by the Nonviolent Communication position to be firmly rooted in caring for all people and all of life, sometimes I struggle with it.

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Mary's Letter growing Roots

Mary’s letter from Growing Roots

February 2024

Greetings dear readers of the Growing Roots Newsletter! I'm Rachelle Lamb and Mary Makenzie invited me to be a guest writer for this issue to which I happily agreed. She also shared that her messages are typically more personal in nature, something I always appreciate in a newsletter. The challenge for me then is to braille my way towards a ‘just right’ measure of both intimacy and formality .. a distance that conveys that while I don’t actually know you, I might know something of what draws you here, something of what troubles you and what grants you joy and meaning.

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