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Nadya Mahmud Giol and Roberta Wall

Nadya Mahmud Giol

Nadya Mahmud Giol

CNVC certified Trainer, professional group facilitator, therapist, senior bio healing, master Reiki, Instructor on permaculture & sustainability, peace activist and a determined dreamer of hope and change.

Nadya is an Arab, Muslim, Palestinian, and Israeli woman, mother and daughter of a displaced family from the war of 1948, living in an area of ongoing conflict and war.

She chooses to bring NVC's tool to the multicultural community in her country, due to the social and systemic separation, ethnic racism and ongoing violence.

Most of the experience she has gained in the field over the past 10 years, is in dialogue & mediation groups in the Palestinian-Israeli community. She has worked and still is working privately and through organizations that promote dialogue and peace, with local and international private groups, neighbors' communities, who are looking for bridges and understanding for cooperation and mutual recognition of the historical narrative.

Local and international students studying social work, law, international communication, history of the Middle East, Art and Israeli-Palestinian conflict study, dialogue groups for youth, teachers in the education system and Teaching NVC.

Recently, since the war broke out in Israel/Palestine on 7.10.23, she initiated and led an empathic space in her city of Nazareth and through Zoom with Palestinians/Israelis and internationals.

Roberta Wall

Roberta is a certified trainer and has shared Nonviolent Communication in Palestine, Israel, the US and other continents for over fifteen years. She actively supports the Nonviolent Communication and peacemaker movements in Israel/Palestine. In the US she participates with IfNotNow and other activist movements and is a member and supporter of American Friends of Standing Together, Combatants for Peace, Parents Circle and others.

In the US, she also has been facilitating conversations and offering NVC trainings within Jewish congregations, communities and with students, educators, activists, Rabbis and others on using Nonviolent Communication in these challenging and devastating times.

Since the October 7 Hamas attack on Israel and taking hostages and the continuing Israeli attacks on Gaza and the West Bank, she has worked with teams of NVC trainers from Israel and Palestine to host weekly calls and trainings using NVC.

For over 20 years she has been offering Jewish Mindfulness retreats and practices and Nonviolent Communication Mindfulness practices in Jewish, Buddhist and other communities, schools, war zones, leadership trainings and organizations globally. 

Roberta currently lives in New York City. She is a retired civil rights lawyer.

Roberta publishes weekly on https://robertawall.substack.com. Learn more about Roberta at TorahattheIntersection.com and steps2peace.com

  • Listen to each other in a safe space for connection, sharing and exploring how we all are doing in this situation
  • Develop capacity to express and hear fears without judging, blame or shame
  • Plant seeds of peace and reconciliation for a world where everyone’s needs are heard and valued
  • Experience how deep listening and heart-to-heart sharing bridge divides