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Jorge Rubio

CNVC Certified Trainer from Colombia

CNVC Certified Trainer from Colombia

Jorge Rubio has been a certified trainer of nonviolent communication for eleven years. He has worked intensively in his country of origin, Colombia, as founder and executive director of The Foundation for Nonviolent Communication Center and participated in the Presidential program "Haz Paz", with the intention to create a culture of peace in a country of war.

He also directed three Community Peace pilot projects with the Colombian Institute for the Welfare of the Family, and worked at the INEM School (Instituto Nacional de Educacion Media), a public school in Ibague that serves the poorest economic strata. He travels internationally to conduct workshops, and to consult and mediate with businesses, schools, organizations, police, families and individuals. He is currently working in the U.S., Spain, and Latin America trying to support the creation of living empathic networks. Recent extensive work in several regions of Bolivia has included workshops with government agencies at the national level, with child protective agencies, and with community and human rights organizations.

In this telecourse recording, you'll learn to differentiate between cerebral empathy and intuitive empathic listening. Awaken your sensitivity towards body sensations and inner feelings to recognize the clear inner clues to your empathic connection.