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Conflict Resolution

  • Resolve conflicts peacefully—personal or public, domestic or international
  • Get to the heart of conflict and disputes quickly
  • Improve cooperation––listen so others are really heard
  • Transform criticism and blame into compassionate connection
  • Prevent future pain and misunderstanding

Education and Schools

  • Maximize the individual potential of all students
  • Strengthen students’ interest, retention and connection to their work
  • Improve safety, trust and connection in your classroom
  • Improve classroom teamwork, efficiency and cooperation
  • Strengthen classroom and teacher-parent relationships

What others do may be a stimulus of our feelings, but not the cause.

michael dam
Kathy H.

I think the course is amazing, I'm a long-time student of NVC and keep learning new things as I go back and review "beginner" information so I knew this course would be worthwhile. It has definitely been that, and more!

This course is easy to navigate and instructions are clear and concise. The course outline and check list were very helpful in providing ease of navigation, an overall view of the course and a quick review of what categories I had completed. The material is well organized and provides a nice variety of audio, visual and printed material. I also enjoyed hearing from a variety of teachers. I appreciate the self-assessment intervals and journaling (even though I didn't want to do them at first). It's so helpful to see what I've learned or how my perspective has changed as I go through the course.

So far this course has met my need for ease, predictability, understanding, growth and support. I'm very grateful to you all for all the time, work, thought and dedication that was involved in creating and maintaining this course.