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Navigating Power Dynamics with Nonviolent Communication

  • Learn self-reflective practices to help you shift towards shared power
  • Foster trust, understanding and cooperation through a power-with approach
  • Create resolutions that honor the needs of all parties involved
  • Recognize power-over and power-under dynamics in various situations

Mondays, April 15-May 20, 2024 (six sessions)
10:00AM-12:00PM Pacific (California) Time 
Online via Zoom

Try before you buy: Watch the live demo (YouTube) we organized on March 11. 

The live course is complete. You can register to receive access to the recorded sessions.


A 6-session course to help you move out of power struggles and into shared power with others.

This course will include an exploration of:

  • The dynamics of rebelling against vs. accepting powerful influences 
  • The difference between the protective and punitive use of force
  • Staying aware of your choices in a range of personal and professional relationships. 

Imagine these familiar scenes:

Scenario 1 - The Parent/Teen Standoff

😤 A parent and a teen are embroiled in a head-to-head standoff over curfew times. The air is thick with tension, voices are raised and doors are slamming so hard the whole house shakes. In this classic "Power Over" scenario, insistence meets defiance, and the only outcome is hostile frustration.

Now, picture a different approach. 

🙂 The parent approaches their teen with open ears. There is a calm conversation without resistance. The teenager is cooperative. The parent’s listening opens the doors to understanding and collective problem solving.

Scenario 2 - The Roommates in Conflict

😡 Two roommates are in conflict over the division of responsibilities in their apartment. The disagreement has led to a power struggle and an extremely sticky floor. One leaves angry notes to the other, and a heated face-to-face conversation ends without resolution.

🙏 Realizing the strain on their living situation, the roommates decide to step out of the power struggle. In a calm conversation they each express their concerns and listen to one another.  It results in a mutually agreeable plan and renewed hope for a harmonious, mutually satisfying living environment.

The curriculum

Over six sessions, Yvette will:

  • Uncover the nuances of domination-based power struggles and different power dynamics.
  • Explore how NVC supports us in moving away from forceful demands to fostering shared humanity, shared power, and genuine partnership. 
  • Delve into the self-reflection required to support a shift from power-over to power-with. 
  • Teach reflective practices to enhance self-awareness and identify personal growth areas that support the shift towards shared power.
  • Cultivate mindfulness and emotional intelligence to enhance collaboration skills. 
  • Explore practical strategies for navigating power imbalances, especially in scenarios where internal or external resources are unevenly distributed, such as in parent-child and employer-employee relationships. 
  • Aid recognition of power-over and power-under dynamics in various situations, gaining a deeper understanding of their impact on relationships.

Yvette will explore various ways that we can share power, including spousal and friend relationships, parent-child relationships, and educational and facilitation contexts.   

She will also share how cultivating shared power can foster trust, understanding, and cooperation, create resolutions that honor the needs of all parties involved, and foster a culture of mutual respect and engagement in educational and facilitation contexts.

What you can expect

This will be an experiential learning experience to help you integrate your learning. It will include:

✔️ Content and practice are balanced to aid understanding, integration, and build confidence 
✔️ Key concepts and skills will be presented by Yvette
✔️ Participants will work individually on structured self-reflective practices 

Discussion in small and larger groups with carefully crafted prompts will aid awareness and integration of the topic. 

  • Video and audio recordings of every session
  • Forum discussion available in the classroom
  • Lifetime access to the classroom
  • Translated captions available in 30+ languages

Registration Fee: $462
NVC Library members: $370*

*NVC Library members get 20% off their registration fee using code NVCL at time of checkout


When you register, you will receive an email with complete instructions on how to access your course.
Note that course recordings display images of active speakers only, and are made available to all registrants.Yvette

About Yvette Erasmus
Yvette Erasmus

Dr. Yvette Erasmus is a psychologist, teacher and consultant, specializing in transformative learning. A sought after relational-intelligence expert with over 3 decades of real-world experience in human transformation, healing, growth and learning, Dr. Erasmus helps us embrace and enjoy our differences, while staying grounded in our fundamental unity.

Her work is dedicated to bridging differences, inside and outside of ourselves. She shows us how to bring whatever is divided and fragmented back into wholeness, integrity and harmony, offering a unique blend of humor and wisdom, openness and honesty, and a deep generosity of self and...

The live course is complete. You can register to receive access to the recorded sessions.