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From Inner Critic to Inner Coach: Unleash Your Deeper Potential

  • Overcome your negative inner critic
  • Create a compassionate relationship with yourself
  • Reframe setbacks as opportunities for growth
  • Learn the tools to discover your potential

Mondays, July 1-29, 2024 (Five sessions)
8:00-10:00am Pacific (California) Time • What time is it in your location?
Online via Zoom


Find your best self without talking yourself out of it.

This is a 5-week course for negative self-talkers looking for a toolkit to help them discover their true potential. 

You’ll walk away with a variety of practical approaches to support you, including the powerful, healing framework of Nonviolent Communication.

Some people call it an inner critic. Others call it negative self-talk. Whatever you call it, everyone has an internal voice that pipes up whenever it sees an opportunity to stop you from moving forward.

You know the one:

“You’re lazy”
“You’re not worth it”
“You’re not good enough”
“You’ll embarrass yourself”
“Why did you do that, again? Didn’t you learn from last time?!”

OUCH. Enough already. 

Why do we talk to ourselves that way? 

It stems from a complex mix of evolution protecting us from social exclusion, past experiences, and social and cultural norms. 

Often the result of multiple day-to-day events that build up in their impact over time.

Interactions with parents, teachers, care-givers, friends, peer groups.

Being corrected, being excluded, being included (but only if you behave in a certain way), being talked about, not being heard, not being seen.

…It’s a culmination of all the things we’ve been exposed to and integrated into our being. It’s often so deeply integrated as part of us that it can be difficult to pinpoint exactly where it’s come from. (though sometimes, you just know it’s the voice of your 9th Grade Physics teacher.)

Yes, that voice is trying to protect you. 
Yes, it wants to be heard.
Yes, it wants to choose your next steps.
No, you do not have to let it control you.

It is possible to overcome that relentless voice so you can take risks,
follow your heart, and connect more deeply with yourself and others.


Life gets way more enjoyable when you:

  • Embrace imperfections
  • Reframe setbacks as opportunities for growth
  • Build resilience
  • Cultivate self-acceptance
  • Celebrate achievements
  • Foster self-compassion
  • Celebrate personal strengths
  • Create a sense of individuality
  • Deepen your sense of self-worth


Which is the goal of 
From Inner Critic to Inner Coach: Unleash Your Deeper Potential - 

🌟 To (gently) kickstart you on an empowering journey towards a
more compassionate and supportive relationship with yourself,
so you can unleash your deeper potential🌟

(even though that voice is telling you not to)


You’ll hear about all this when you attend this live course with Yvette:

  1. Where that judgmental voice comes from — and why you have one.
  2. Why telling your inner critic to quiet down does not work — and what to do instead.
  3. How to get relief from your unkind inner monologue — and the art of positive self-talk.
  4. Practical tips to overcome self-doubt and increase self-trust

It does not matter how old you are. It’s never too late to start. 

If you

  • Habitually criticize yourself for perceived failures 
  • Let your perfectionism slow you down, or hold you back
  • Compare yourself to others

It’s likely you’d benefit from this course.

Yvette will teach you how to get back into the joyful flow of creation, without letting your inner critic stop you or slow you down.


What you can expect

This is a course with a mixture of theory, practice and plenty of opportunity to have your questions answered. 

✔️ Content and practice are balanced to aid understanding, integration, and build confidence 
✔️ Key concepts and skills will be presented by Yvette
✔️ Participants will work individually on structured self-reflective practices 
✔️ Demos will bring the concepts we are learning to life
✔️ Small and big group discussions and exercises will help you deepen and integrate your learning
✔️ Time for Yvette to answer your questions every week. 

Yvette will build on the content week by week. She’ll teach you how to use the Nonviolent Communication framework as well as other tools in the context of this topic. (No prior knowledge of Nonviolent Communication is required to attend this course.)


Student appreciation

"Time in your class always flies.  You present information in such engaging and useful ways.  I could listen to you all day." – Past student

"Yvette creates an atmosphere of experimentation and mutual learning that has helped me understand the human condition.  I’ve gained strategies to tame my inner jerk and allow empathy to build heart-to-heart connections."  – Tim


  • Video and audio recordings of every session
  • Forum discussion available in the classroom
  • Lifetime access to the classroom
  • Translated captions available in 30+ languages 

Registration Fee: $330
NVC Library Members*: $264

*NVC Library members get 20% off their registration fee using code NVCL at time of checkout


When you register, you will receive an email with complete instructions on how to access your course.
Note that course recordings display images of active speakers only, and are made available to all registrants.

About Yvette Erasmus
Yvette Erasmus

Dr. Yvette Erasmus is a psychologist, teacher and consultant, specializing in transformative learning. A sought after relational-intelligence expert with over 3 decades of real-world experience in human transformation, healing, growth and learning, Dr. Erasmus helps us embrace and enjoy our differences, while staying grounded in our fundamental unity.

Her work is dedicated to bridging differences, inside and outside of ourselves. She shows us how to bring whatever is divided and fragmented back into wholeness, integrity and harmony, offering a unique blend of humor and wisdom, openness and honesty, and a deep generosity of self and...


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