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Live NVC Courses: Itzel Hayward

  • Celebrate and nurture your relationship to the Earth — and each other! 
  • Explore your connections to family, partner, work, nature, self and more 
  • Discover new ways to grow in community and work together to make this world a better place  
  • Engage and immerse yourself in NVC while making new friends! 

Video Conference

8 hours (2 hours per session)

  • Find ways to compassionately address behaviors we perceive as racist
  • Learn how to challenge racist ideas in ways most likely to encourage connection
  • Uncover words to clearly express the importance of transforming social systems
  • Discover your point of leverage in transforming racism embedded in larger systems
  • Find your voice in response to words you hear as racist
  • Build bridges across significant differences of opinion
  • Become a powerful ally for the racial justice movement
What is empowered speech and how does it link to interdependence? How do you speak in a way that increases the chances of being heard and creates space where individuals are more inclined to listen and act? In this excerpt from the 2021 course, Working Together for Change, Itzel and Kathy explore how to do this by integrating empowered speech, attuned speech, and a commitment to maintaining connections.

Hi friends, My name is Itzel and I’m happy for this opportunity to share a bit about myself and how I came to teach NVC. I was an activist before I knew what the word meant. When I was a child, I often argued with the adults around me about what I thought was “right.” If I had a nickel for every time a grown-up said to me, “You should be a lawyer,” I probably would’ve collected enough money to pay for the law school education that I eventually got. I left my traditional legal career path after more than a decade to become a...