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Tao of Empathy: The Practical Art of Creating Empathic Connection through Natural Speaking and Empathy

MP3 Audio Download

6 Sessions

9 hours

Recorded in 2019

PDF Handouts Included

Price: $30


Empathy is connection between Self and Other in which we experience our differences from an underlying commonality.

In communication, empathic connection is created by both Speaker and Listener, and leads to compassion that optimizes cooperation. Like meditation, yoga, and exercise, a regular practice of empathic speaking and listening contributes to health, well-being and optimal functioning. 

In this recording, John will offer in-depth practice with elements of empathy that give a natural, practical ability to speak and listen from presence and the core components of NVC. You'll also learn a Self-Connection Practice that integrates mindfulness with need consciousness, giving you the ability to return to that sense of empathy connection when you've been triggered into a "fight-flight-freeze" reaction.

Specifically, you will learn:

  • Speaking and listening from presence
  • Understanding your own and others' experience separate from agreeing or disagreeing
  • Connecting with needs and meeting needs with ease and naturalness
  • How to quickly re-connect with yourself and return to empathic presence when you are triggered into a "fight-flight-freeze" reaction
  • How to make these practices a part of your daily life so that the skills become habit and woven through the fabric of your life
About John Kinyon
John Kinyon

CNVC Certified Trainer from El Sobrante, California, USA

John Kinyon provides communication training, coaching, and facilitation to the public and organizations. He is co-creator of the Mediate Your Life training program, which is a year-long public training offered in different parts of the U.S. and internationally. The training gives people the ability to connect across conflicting differences and divides, and work together in highly effective ways to reach new possibilities and solutions. John's work is based in the international work of Compassionate Communication (Nonviolent Communication, NVC), developed by Marshall Rosenberg, who John worked closely with for over a decade. John...