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Letting Go and Being Free

MP4 Video Download

7 Sessions 14-16 hours

Updated to video and includes captions and a searchable transcript!

Recorded in 2018

PDF Handouts Included

Price: $120


Discover the beauty of living from the inside out and what it means to cultivate an inner spaciousness of freedom. 

Life is relationship. Living can be seen as a series of relationships with other people and outer events. As you take in information and communication from the outside it is experienced in your inner world. The quality of your inner experience determines how you act and what you say. 

Development of inner capacities is crucial and foundational to the quality of one's life and living.

Your relationship to life brings you to your inner experience of life. In moments of difficulty, you may often experience different forms of internal resistance to outer experiences. Resistance shows up as stress, confusion, overwhelm, and most especially fear and anxiety.

Letting go of this resistance emerges as the spaciousness of freedom. It is access to the gracious presence of life as it moves through you. This presence is felt in and through the body. It is the presence of peace, joy, deep interest, and curiosity— of life moving you forward.

There is a discipline and a commitment to living life fully. The price of freedom is eternal presence and compassionate awareness.

This MP3 audio course explores ways of attending to your inner experience with compassion so that you can more easily let go of the inner resistances and surrender the life that is already present in your heart.

The lessons focus on how to:

  • Cultivate awareness of your inner experience 
  • Recognize and take ownership of your inner resistance
  • Bring a field of inner kindness to your inner distress 
  • Surrender/let go of the fear at the core of resistance 
  • Restore a felt sense of life as a supporting presence 
  • Let life and love be a center and guide for your living

Key terms that Robert discusses are:

  • Surrender, unconditional acceptance
  • Letting go as a spiritual practice
  • Harnessing the Life force
  • Life force and spirituality
  • Presence 
  • Embodying qualities of life
  • Creating an inner spaciousness
  • Tracking inner landscape and self-responsibility
  • Letting life live you
  • Mind as resistance
  • Resistance as lack
  • Resistance as stress 
About Robert Gonzales
Robert Gonzales

CNVC Certified Trainer from Portland, Oregon, USA (1949-2021)

"All my life, I have yearned for practical ways to integrate the depth and richness of spirituality with the realities of daily life and relationships. As a psychotherapist and teacher, I worked to develop and offer effective pathways to the most enriching and authentic experiences of life."  --Robert Gonzales

Robert's passion was in the spirituality of the Nonviolent Communication (NVC) process. He saw NVC both as a process that helps people connect more authentically with themselves and others, and as a spiritual practice and way of living.

The worldwide NVC community mourned when Robert...