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Connecting in Conflict and the Art of Navigating Dialogue

MP4 Video Download

5 Sessions

13-14 hours

Recorded in 2021

PDF Handouts Included

Price: $30 


Life is often bursting with irritations. 

On a day-to-day basis, it’s common for people to feel:

unappreciated by loved ones
irritated by colleagues
hurt by friends
frustrated by neighbors

And those feelings can lead to a variety of responses:

Some people avoid conflict by bottling up their emotions, pretending everything is fine.
Others avoid conflict by brooding, stewing slowly over what’s gone on.
Some go head-first into conflict, letting it all out in a big emotional outburst.

Whatever the response, it's common that people just simply do not know other ways to respond. 

In Yoram’s 2021 course, participants delved deeper into their NVC practice so they were better prepared to meet conflict head-on. 

Now you can buy the recordings and learn how NVC could support you in conflict too.

In this 5-session series, Yoram explores:

  • the power of empathy to change the trajectory of heated conversations
  • embracing the internal conflicts of the different parts of ourselves
  • how to approach differing views peacefully
  • the use of NVC to help let go of judgments
  • how to confidently ask for what you want

Plus you can expect practical exercises to integrate these teachings into your own life.

When you purchase the recordings, you will get access to them in both video and audio format.


Here’s what some of Yoram’s students say about learning with him:

“His teaching combines a pure authenticity and a solid knowledge. A true-ness. A freedom. A loving energy and exceptional care. He evidently works connected to his heart and this makes him an incomparable trainer. It has been such a precious experience!”

“I learned a way of listening to myself and finding the courage to bring myself with honesty to the world. This has changed my life.”

“I am grateful for all the meaningful exercises which taught me communication skills and so enriched my life!”



As well as video and audio recordings of each session, everyone who buys these recordings will also get the following handouts:

  • a 2-page summary for each of the five recorded sessions, packed with notes and guidance
  • 4-steps of NVC summary sheet
  • 1-page list of universal human needs
  • 1-page list of feelings
  • guidance notes for structuring calls with an empathy buddy
  • 2-page list of connection requests you could implement right away
  • 2-page list of phrases to slow a conversation down, assure connection and improve understanding


About Yoram Mosenzon
Yoram Mosenzon

CNVC Certified Trainer from Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Yoram Mosenzon is a CNVC Certified Trainer, Coach, and Mediator.

When he first discovered NVC over 20 years ago, Yoram was a dancer / choreographer. Eight years after discovering NVC, he decided to stop all his artistic activities and dedicate his time and energy to sharing NVC.

Yoram now teaches NVC to the general public as well as to teachers, universities, parents, businesses, and teams. He travels internationally, teaching  in The Netherlands, France, Israel/Palestine, Belgium, Poland, the USA, and elsewhere.

Yoram is one of four founders of the NVC (Giraffe) school in Amsterdam for children aged...