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A Deep Dive into the Art of Mediation

MP4 Video Download

5 Sessions

5 hours 15 minutes, plus handouts

Recorded in 2022

PDF Handouts Included

 Price: $97


How can you be of support when conflict, misunderstandings, or differences of opinion arise?

A ‘mediator’ is not just the name of a profession – it is a crucial role in life and society. However, this role is not reserved only for professionals. It is possible that all human beings on this planet can acquire the skill to mediate.

If you spend time with children, friends, colleagues, or in any kind of meeting or gathering, then you surely have some mediation skills already. It is a fundamental social skill.

Conflict can come in many forms, not just when two or more people shout at each other. There are many scales (small to large) of challenges, misunderstandings, tensions, and unspoken frustration whenever there is cooperation between people.

CNVC Certified Trainer, Yoram Mosenzon has a vision… he sees mediation as a basic life skill that could be taught in schools starting at the age of three. He dreams of a world where all human beings have mediation skills to support understanding, cooperation, and connection when conflicts arise. 

Mediation as a practice in daily life is based on the assumption that the structure of two is not enough. When two people are stimulated they are less available to empathize, to see the beauty in one another. The mediator is simply a third party who is not stimulated and has the skills to help facilitate connection, cooperation, and creativity to discover and meet everyone’s needs. 

In the MP4 video recordings of this powerful course, you will discover:

  • How to enjoy conflict – and stay centered when a conflict becomes heated
  • The role of mediator – what a mediator is actually responsible for, and how to make it fun and meaningful (rather than feel like a stressful job)
  • The 5 Movements of Passing a Message – this is the basic rhythm of a mediation
  • The practice of 'Interruption that Brings Connection'
  • How to deepen your empathic skills – empathy as the bread and butter of mediation
  • How to support a dialogue to go beyond ‘NO’ and differences in opinion

The content in the recordings from this course will demonstrate the intention, art, and craft of mediation, including mediation structure, how to lead dialogue toward sustainable agreements, how to be impartial, and much more!  

About Yoram Mosenzon
Yoram Mosenzon

CNVC Certified Trainer from Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Yoram Mosenzon is a CNVC Certified Trainer, Coach, and Mediator.

When he first discovered NVC over 20 years ago, Yoram was a dancer / choreographer. Eight years after discovering NVC, he decided to stop all his artistic activities and dedicate his time and energy to sharing NVC.

Yoram now teaches NVC to the general public as well as to teachers, universities, parents, businesses, and teams. He travels internationally, teaching  in The Netherlands, France, Israel/Palestine, Belgium, Poland, the USA, and elsewhere.

Yoram is one of four founders of the NVC (Giraffe) school in Amsterdam for children aged...