Inbal Kashtan, MA

Since the mid-90's, NVC became the focus of my passion to contribute to creating a world where everyone matters and people have the skills for making peace. I focused primarily on leadership development and transforming parenting, as two powerful strategies for contributing to structural change, until I became ill with cancer and my health became a major focus.  Some of my NVC endeavors include co-founding BayNVC and our Leadership Program; creating the Peaceful Families, Peaceful World Project and the Parent Peer Leadership Program for our international office, the Center for Nonviolent Communication; writing articles and a booklet and creating a CD, Connected Parenting; leading retreats and workshops; speaking at conferences; and creating hundreds of handouts and exercises that are used by many people around the world, including the NVC Tree of Life.

Website:  BayNVC
Video: Inbal Kashtan on Parenting with Nonviolent Communication (NVC)