Stephanie Bachmann Mattei, PhD

Session:  What’s Nonviolent Communication Got To Do with Parenting?

Stephanie will open The Parenting Matters Conference by sharing how the practice of Nonviolent Communication intentionally and actively supports the scientific revolution that is taking place in the world around the art of parenting. Nonviolent Communication enhances self-understanding, fosters healthy attachment and promotes a parent – child relationship based on connection, empathy and unconditional love.

Session:  Parenting: Self-Compassion in Action

It has been said that "Making the decision to have a child is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body." Stephanie would add, “It is also an unprecedented opportunity to learn to embrace our fragile humanness.” Despite our best intentions and courageous efforts it is often in hindsight - especially after gaining more information and deeper understanding on the impact of our parenting - that we get flooded with heartache and regret. Attend this closing session to learn more about open-hearted self-acceptance and mindful self-compassion.

About Dr. Stephanie Bachmann Mattei

Stephanie Bachmann Mattei is the mother of 3 children (biological and adopted) and a Certified Trainer with the Center for Nonviolent Communication. Her core intertwined themes are: spirituality, parenting and healing. Since parenting is a major way of transmitting our unconscious wounds as well as our conditioning to social and cultural blueprints, it also becomes a powerful and far-reaching tool for social and spiritual transformation. As Gandhi proclaimed: “If we want to change the world we shall start with the children.” In Stephanie’s experience, parenting inevitably ends up being a call to integrate our unprocessed experiences and to bring healing to ourselves. To that respect, Stephanie loves tying Nonviolent Communication with mindfulness-based neuroscience and mindful self-compassion to support self-understanding, healing and wholeness.

Website: The Sanctuary 4 Parents