Thursdays, June 24 – August 19 (no class July 8)
(eight sessions)


5:00pm – 6:30pm Pacific (California) Time


$316 - $493
Recordings Included
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  • Discover your relational strengths
  • Unearth new opportunities for connection
  • Transform overstuffed relationships into nourishment
  • Learn what blocks you from intimacy - and how to open it

Do you often find yourself consumed or taken over by others in your relationships? Does it sometimes seem like you don't have your own life or that you exist on the outskirts looking in?

Our earliest experiences of relationships shape our brains. They tell us who to fall in love with, who to be friends with, how we should expect to be treated, and often create a limited idea about what is possible for us.

Join Sarah Peyton on a journey into self-understanding, affection, and kindness as we make our way through the complicated world of relationships.

The best possible relationships are ones where we exist, fully and completely, for the people we care about, and they exist for us. This means that our feelings impact the people around us, and their responses change us.

Rather than being starved or overstuffed by relationships, we are fully and completely part of them. Things feel nourishing and just right.

Okay, that's a beautiful dream, but how do we get there from here?

How do we take our own bodies - which have very good historical reasons for not trusting - and get them from where real life has us to where we would like to be? Happily, we get there with resonance.   

In this transformational course, you will:

By learning the relational neuroscience of attachment and practicing our resonant language skills with ourselves and with others, we find our destination - and the fulfilling relationships we need and crave.


About Sarah Peyton

Sarah Peyton, Certified Trainer of Nonviolent Communication and neuroscience educator, integrates brain science and the use of resonant language to heal trauma and nourish self-warmth with exquisite gentleness. She teaches and lectures internationally, and is the author of the book “Your Resonant Self: Guided Meditations and Exercises to Engage Your Brain’s Capacity for Healing." She is currently at work on a second book, commissioned by W.W.Norton, on the relational neuroscience of unconscious contracts and the deep needs beneath them. More...