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Avoiding conversations about domination, power, race, gender, or sexual orientation is no longer an option.

Why? Because avoiding challenging conversations results in emotional strain. People learn to suppress their anxiety, shame, fear and anger, but emotions inevitably surface when the stakes are high. You can support authentic communication in your classes, your meetings, your workplace, and your relationships.

But how do you hold such conversations? How do you address power differences, unearned advantages, or racial oppression? How do you embrace people from all walks of life so that everyone feels fully heard, valued for their contribution, and acknowledged for their unique experiences?

If you've been walking on eggshells – afraid you'll say the wrong thing – and you're ready for a change, join us for this exciting 9-week series. You'll discover how Nonviolent Communication can give you the courage to address some of the most challenging issues of our times through deep listening… heart connections… needs awareness… and clear requests.

Together we'll delve into how to:

And so much more!

You will also expect to explore ways of responding to bias, slights, and stereotypes. For example, what do you do when someone in your workshop or meeting says one of the following phrases:

And, you can strengthen your programs when you learn how to:

We'll also be looking into ways NVC may be used as a tool for changing social systems.


As you can easily see in the above illustration, the starting line is not the same for everyone. Leaning on the framework of NVC enables you to hold honest, creative conversations about systems. It helps you look beyond diversity to focus on inclusion and change, and invites others to engage in creating solutions. When people are engaged, they connect – and they take action. They take a stand against systems of oppression and power-over… they participate in openhearted, practical conversations about inclusion… and they do the challenging work of changing the systems – and the culture.

Who Should Take This Course

This program is for trainers, facilitators, teachers, people who hold meetings, and leaders of all kinds. If you want tools to support greater diversity, equity and inclusion in your work, please join us.

This course was first offered in 2018: over 100 people registered. Based on feedback and many requests, this year's course has been extended to 9 full weeks. This will allow everyone to practice more and gain more confidence.

Feedback from 2018 Course Participants

This was one of the most beneficial courses I've taken in ten years. It was my first NVC experience, and I was impressed by the excellent content presented in class and in the supporting documentation, the significant time dedicated to practicing and role-playing, the vulnerability of the trainers, and the welcoming nature of the trainers, moderator, and participants. –Kim Kelly MD, Physician and Leader ~ Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Grateful for the learning and for the practice around being an ally. I speak for myself and for my pain when confronting injustice. Pairing NVC (connection and caring for all needs) with Kingian nonviolence (to raise awareness) is an effective strategy. –Rachel Turiel, Freelance Writer and NVC Teacher
The transparency demonstrated by the moderators gave me a sense of trust, compassion, and comfort around stepping out with this class. I felt invited to explore during the breakouts and exercises. Roxy's sharing helped me connect and feel secure in my learning. Martha's vulnerability was helpful to learn from: I could easily see how we're all learning together. –Marcia Christen, CNVC Certified Trainer

About Roxy Manning and Martha Lasley

Roxy Manning PhD, CNVC Certified Trainer
Roxy's life experience as an Afro-Caribbean immigrant combined with her academic training and professional work as a licensed clinical psychologist and CNVC Certified Trainer have cultivated a deep passion in her for work that supports social change, whether that's with individuals, couples, or institutions.

As a facilitator, she's thrilled by the process of holding opposing voices and ushering groups from discord towards values-driven solutions that work for everyone. Her own inner work coupled with her professional experience has grown her capacity to meet people with varying levels of education, disparate life experiences, and the most intense feelings in ways that help them feel heard, respected, supported and loved. She has worked with individuals and groups committed to social justice in Sri Lanka, Japan, The Netherlands, and Thailand, and has consulted with businesses, nonprofits, and government organizations around the U.S., wanting to move towards equitable and diverse hiring practices and workplace cultures.

Roxy brought Nonviolent Communication into her psychotherapy practice in 2003, and has been offering classes and workshops in NVC since 2005. She served as the Executive Director of BayNVC from 2014-2017, was a trainer for BayNVC's NVC Leadership Program from 2008-2017, and has been a trainer for the Nonviolent Leadership for Social Justice Retreat since she co-founded it in 2007. As an elected member of the Center for Nonviolent Communication's Implementation Council, she collaborates with other experienced NVC practitioners tasked with reinventing CNVC's communication, and moving the organization's decision-making structures toward effective democratization and connection to the NVC community worldwide.

As a psychologist, she maintains a private therapy practice, and works with the City and County of San Francisco's Disability Evaluation and Consultation Unit serving the homeless and disenfranchised mentally ill population.  More...

Martha Lasley, MBA and CNVC Certified
Trainer Martha is a founding partner of Leadership that Works, an organization that trains and coaches visionaries for social change. Thousands of dynamic coaches and facilitators have been trained in the Coaching for Transformation and Facilitation that Works programs. Her passion is integrating coaching, facilitating, and Nonviolent Communication into organizations. She supports profound personal and organizational transformation with a focus on social change.

Martha has authored three books: Coaching for Transformation, Facilitating with Heart, and Courageous Visions. She works with social change activists to develop compelling visions, improve interpersonal communications, and develop a coaching culture. For ten years she was on the faculty at Capella University where she taught MBA courses including: Coaching and Developing Others; Facilitating Change; Leveraging Workplace Diversity; and Team Building. Martha taught at many International Intensive Trainings with Marshall Rosenberg, and served on the CNVC IIT Resource Team.  More...