From Shame to Vision and Action:
Mobilizing Our Privilege for the Benefit of All

Miki Kashtan, CNVC Certified Trainer
Sunday, June 11th • 1:00pm-2:30pm Pacific (California) Time

This final session on Privilege offers you an opportunity to focus on how you can have productive conversations about privilege using an NVC perspective. The core offering here is a simple conceptual framework for distinguishing between privilege: a structural system that confers unchosen benefits on some people at the expense of others, and attitude: an individual attribute.

While privilege is not usually chosen (for the most part we are born into it), we all have ample choice about how we engage with it.

What NVC in particular can offer us is a way of shifting from negative to positive ways of engaging with privilege:

Ultimately, it's about making new choices around stewarding privilege for the benefit of all instead of accepting conscious — or unconscious — entitlement to personal enjoyment of its benefits.

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