NVC and Privilege: A Global Perspective

Jeyanthy Siva, ​ International NVC Facilitator
Sunday, June 11th • 9:00-10:30am Pacific (California) Time

How does privilege show up when people whose cultures hold differing levels of power interact with each other — for example, when refugees or immigrants find themselves living amidst strangers in a new and unfamiliar country? How does that power difference affect our perceptions and abilities to relate and connect?

What if you're an NVC trainer, aid worker, or volunteer working in a country whose culture is vastly different from your own? How does privilege influence your relationships? And how does it affect the dynamics of your host country's supporting organization?

The purpose of this session is to increase each other's awareness of internalized privilege, and to support ourselves and those around us in seeing that, even though privilege is invisible, it can significantly impact those with whom we interact — and perhaps in a larger way than many of us may know.

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