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Clarity, Compassion and Empowerment

Clarity, Compassion and Empowerment
Skill Level:

Beginner Skill Level

Time Investment:

42 minutes

Date Published:


Living Compassion, for Robert, represents the spirituality that resides in every aspect of Nonviolent Communication. Its foundational principles are represented by three primary qualities or states of being: clarity, compassion and empowerment.

In this course you’ll explore – and practice – how the unfolding of inner clarity opens your way to compassion, which further unfolds into empowerment. Throughout this unfolding process, Robert will include maps and tips for shifting your everyday life from one that is relatively limiting to a life that is both transformative, healing and liberating.

With Robert’s gentle and calm guidance, you will:

  • Examine how self-responsibility is the key and foundation of living compassionately;
  • Craft personalized methods for developing your inner space (clarity);
  • Illuminate the relationship between inner space and compassion;
  • Shine a light on the Beauty of Needs: why it’s a primary key to self-empowerment;
  • Appreciate and deepen your experience of mourning, understanding it’s an essential component to living fully.

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This is the introductory session of Robert's 6 session course recording, Clarity, Compassion and Empowerment.

The course recording is available in its entirety through the NVC Library.