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Self-Empathy: Healing from the Inside Out

Self-Empathy: Healing from the Inside Out
Skill Level:

Beginner Skill Level

Time Investment:

45 minutes

Date Published:


Experience more choice when you've been triggered, instead of being trapped in old habits and unmet needs. Heal old internal messages that tell you you're not good enough… not loveable… or not deserving.


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This is the first session of Mary's 6 session course recording, Self-Empathy: Healing from the Inside Out. All six sessions of this course are availablethrough a subscription to the NVC Library.

Deepen your ability to connect with self and heal your past through the process of Self-empathy.

Known and practiced worldwide, Mary's signature Self-empathy processes provide clear insight into the emotional triggers and habits that get in the way of your ability to live a happy and successful life. They also provide the deep healing that allows you to make different — and more fulfilling — choices.

Exploring the places where you get emotionally triggered enables you to develop a greater understanding of why you react so strongly, and facilitates uncovering the deep-rooted beliefs that relate to those reactions. It also enables you to expand your ability to choose how you want to respond to the things that trigger you, and empowers you by providing new tools for remembering that your Divine self.

During this course, you'll learn a variety of supportive Self-empathy techniques, such as Mary's unique Wrap Process for deep healing of old wounds and quick Self-empathy methods for on-the-spot self-connection. The techniques themselves are simple, yet the results are profound.

You'll pick up skills for:

  • Understanding yourself more deeply
  • Expressing a fuller spectrum of emotions
  • Getting past persistent jackal messages
  • Becoming fully loving toward yourself
  • Releasing greater depths of compassion for others

The course recording is available in its entirety through the NVC Library.

What You Can Expect:

  • Easier and steadier access to presence, awareness and self-connection in relationships and challenging situations
  • Illumination of basic Buddhist and NVC principles
  • A deeper understanding of how to live the Buddhist precepts of non-harming, mindful speech and deep listening
  • An introduction to useful tools for families and communities to create a culture of compassionate communication