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Healing and Reconciliation

Healing and Reconciliation
Skill Level:

Beginner Skill Level

Time Investment:

55 minutes

Date Published:

Witness facilitating conflict between individuals and members of a group, where you’ll learn four immensely helpful and practical processes. These have been designed to dramatically augment your ability to respond effectively to and facilitate difficult situations – enabling you, the mediator, to ease suffering and create peaceful, fair solutions you can feel good about!

Here’s a brief run-down of each process:

  • Enemy Image Process Role Play
    Enemy images prevent you from seeing the humanity of the person you’re in conflict with. During this exercise, you’ll role play both yourself and someone you see through an enemy image.
  • Healing and Reconciliation Process
    This process facilitates healing and reconnection where emotional hurt and pain exist between two or more people. You’ll learn how you can move past perpetrator vs. victim / punishment vs. restoration / oppressed vs. oppressor models.
  • Making Amends
    Making amends restores understanding and forgiveness between yourself and someone who believes you wronged them.
  • Group Decision Making Process
    This technique will teach you how to navigate the challenges of being in a group where conflict arises over a group decision.

This is the introductory session of Ike's and John's 7 session course:



  • needs
  • self empathy
  • connection
  • healing
  • trust
  • spirituality
  • self connection
  • empowerment
  • vulnerability
  • purpose
  • self acceptance
  • clarity
  • wholeness
  • group dynamics
  • group decisions
  • group agreements
  • conflict resolution
  • conflict
  • letting go
  • pain
  • emotional pain
  • old pain
  • acceptance
  • enemy images
  • making agreements
  • amends
  • making amends
  • reconciliation
  • exercises/practices
  • mediation
  • first session free
  • Ike Lasater
  • John Kinyon
  • Mediate Your Life