Session 4 - Restoring Flow: Nonviolence, Systemic Change, the Commons, and the Gift Economy

Realigning with the flow of life brings with it two immense challenges simultaneously. One is confronting the deepest layers of where we internalized scarcity in how we relate to life, to each other, and even to ourselves. The other is the necessity to align means with ends, so that when we work for transformation we can do so without recreating the past.

The applications here span an enormous range, such as: 

  • As we turn to each other and restore communities, how far can we go into caring for our needs in relationship with each other and the earth?
  • As individuals, how far can we go in the direction of uncoupling giving from receiving and de-accumulating?
  • As NVC practitioners, can we support activists to align means with ends in their work without requiring years of NVC training?
  • As activists, is it possible to maintain our purpose orientation and still care for capacity limits?
  • How much more alignment and nonreactive discernment can we bring to our work when we take on mourning?