Session 3 - Restoring Togetherness: Interdependence, Dialogue, and Collaboration

Experimentation in this area is often more challenging because it inherently involves engaging with others in ways that tend to challenge societal norms that sustain the status quo in which the organizing principles are profit, control, and competition instead of caring for all needs. When separation is the norm, walking towards togetherness is often conflictual.

  • How far can we go with bringing truth with care, an essential ingredient of dialogue as an orientation to life, into complex circumstances (e.g. our family of birth or a workplace)?
  • Is it possible for us to maintain openhearted curiosity and tenderness when engaging with people across significant differences?
  • How much capacity can we bring to situations in which others don't share our commitment to nonviolence?
  • Can we restore and deepen intimacy within communities we are part of through introducing the practice of impact sharing?