Session 2 – Restoring Choice: Socialization, Liberation, and Integration

In the early days of Marshall’s experimentation, he spoke regularly about how vital choice was and how little of it exists within what he called, at the time, the “monopoly capitalist system.”

Experiments within this area can be within ourselves, focusing, for example on:  

  • How far can we lean on a needs lens for making sense of life when everything around us is so polarized? 
  • Is it possible to dramatically increase our capacity to discern, without reaction, how we want to respond to difficult situations? 
  • Can one family transform its internal workings to create full intergenerational collaboration?

We can also experiment in the area of supporting others' liberation, such as:

  • Can we show up in full empathic presence and still challenge others' narratives that lead to suffering? 
  • How far can we lean on NVC principles to subvert power relations when we support their liberation? 
  • Can we integrate a systemic lens into our work of supporting others' liberation?