FAQs for participants joining with a partner

  1. What do you mean by partners?
    We mean couples, spouses, pairs, lovers, significant others. Whoever you are in a relationship with, whatever you call them. 

  2. How does the discount work?
    When you pay the registration fee for partners, the amount you pay enables both people to attend. It includes one full priced registration fee, and a second registration that is discounted by 25%. 

  3. Do we need to participate on the same device?
    No. You can join on the same or different devices, in the same or different rooms - it is entirely your choice. Do what works best for you both. 

  4. Do both people participating get their own NVC Academy account and classroom access?
    Yes! It is important that you both have your own accounts. Once you have signed up and paid the partners registration fee, please email the helpdesk (help@nvcacademy.com) with the name and email address of your partner. We will reach out with the request to create an account (if they don't have one already) and grant them access to the course.