About how much to give

We are asking everyone to contribute the most possible without overstretching or resentment. The sustainability of the NVC Academy depends on what people give for tuition. The NVC Academy shares the income with the Nonviolent Global Liberation (NGL) community. Miki, as well as more than 20 others who gift their life energy to sustain NGL, attend to all or part of their sustainability within NGL, which operates solely on the basis of what people give freely. As part of our own commitment to respond to the call of our times, we are committed to offering this as a gift and receiving whatever people will give to us.

In choosing how much to give, we invite you into the following considerations:

  • Many with little financial capacity are especially eager to attend Miki’s courses and we want to make it possible for everyone to attend who wants to be part of this. We anticipate 28% of participants will contribute nothing based on past experience. 
  • Any step you take outside considerations of "market value" will support a gradual shift towards needs-based distribution. This includes both giving more than you imagine such a course would otherwise "cost" and stretching your generosity and giving less than that amount (including zero) and stretching your receptivity. 
  • Last year, for the first time, we had a drop in the number of participants, by 18%, and an even bigger drop in contributions, 33% decrease from the previous year. This has had a significant impact on our sustainability.
  • Overall, we are happy to see that more people are gaining access to courses offered in this way even though it has an impact on our sustainability. 
  • We are longing to invite all of us, including those of us offering this, into stretching further towards the surrender that gift economy invites us into so we can realign with life. 
  • We would love each person to discern for themselves how much to give and we recognize this may be too challenging for some people. As a result, we are offering support in the form of clear financial guidelines for those who are new to the gift economy. We invite everyone to exercise as much choice as is within capacity.