33 hours of learning, connection, and celebration
devoted to NVC and what connects us — relationships!

Earth • Permaculture • Systems •
Self • Couples • Partners • Parenting •
Gender • Race • Youth • LGBTQ • 
Work • Education • Business

Please join us for a virtual fest dedicated to exploring how to thrive
with each other, ourselves, our communities, and our planet.

  • Celebrate and nurture your relationship to the Earth — and each other!
  • Explore your connections to family, partner, work, nature, self and more 
  • Discover new ways to grow in community and work together to make this world a better place 
  • Engage and immerse yourself in NVC while making new friends! 

What You Can Expect

  • 22 continuous sessions over 33 hours featuring a vibrant collection of work by trainers from around the world
  • 11 sessions  offered in Spanish or French with interpretation  
  • Connect in the Community Room for empathy, questions, and fun!
  • 5 Harvest sessions to reflect on what you have learned, share gratitudes or challenges, and connect with the greater community
  • Downloadable recordings of EVERY session - yours for life - so you can revisit the material again and again! 

2021 Thrive Together Topics

Schedule: See the exciting line-up of trainers and topics!